Planetary Shift Ocurring

Can you feel it? We are evolving into the fifth dimension and it will be very different from what we now know.


Cristina Rodrigues

1/18/20246 min read

people happily protesting
people happily protesting

Hello! Welcome.

Can you feel the roar for change escalating?

Everything is cycles. There are smaller cycles like the day and night or the moon. There are medium cycles like the seasons or the journey around the sun. There are bigger cycles like the rotation of our solar system around the galaxy and the galaxy rotating around a black hole.

These cycles influence how life develops, evolves and transforms. And yes, transformation implies destruction and rebirth. 

The destruction of the old ways and the start of a new way. The old has to fall away to let in the new.

Many ancient civilizations have come and gone, far more advanced than our current mainstream paradigm accepts to be true. If you want to know more, I highly recommend watching the series created by Graham Hancock: Ancient Apocalypse (2022) where he shows several hidden remenants of ancient advanced civilizations forgotten in time and ignored by mainstream historians. 

Just because our comprehension of history doesn't forsee their existance, once the evidence has shown up, open your mind to see further!

I've come to understand at least 5 big eras of ancient civilizations have ocurred before ours. The names I've learnt are: Lemuria, Atlantis and Tartaria. Some are still unknown as of now, but many more artifacts are popping up everyday and things just keep on getting weirder! 

Our history is nothing like we're taught in school and ALWAYS bear in mind that history is written by the victors and they have their own perspective. Plus there are always political or religious influences on their editing.

It has been only recently, with the gift of internet that we've started to share what we know, connecting and spreading hidden information like a wild fire. Of course you must do your due diligence and that is what I encourage you. Do your own research but do not deny it if you haven't given the information a fair opportunity. Once you see it, you can't unsee it or, expressed in another way:

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life will never be the same again, but I am of the absolute certainty you'll be pleased to open that door.

Back to the New Earth.

We are now in the middle of one of those BIG shifts. The previous ones have fallen to severe destruction but we're being given an OPPORTUNITY to rise up and evolve past it.

Dolores Cannons' work is remarkable on this subject. I highly recommend looking into it.

If you're here you may be one of the lightworkers in this huge family creating a shift now on the planet.

Lightworkers are souls which have volunteered to reencarnate here and now at this amazing shift on planet Earth. It is an intergalactic effort to raise the frequency of the Earth so that more of us can take the leap into a New Era.

As we face the uncertainty of the future, specially as the pace of events is increasing as a result of the energy shift on the planet, the unknown can cause a lot of fear. I've come to understand the unknown, not as a scary place to be as our culture promotes, but a truly remarkable situation to be in.

The unknown is infinite potential!

It is truly the point at which we truly shift our reality. So I want to assure you, there is nothing to fear but the fear you create or adhere to. Our reality is being manipulated to guide us towards certain dystopian outcomes but they only have the power we give to it. Our attention gives it power. Although, I must make clear I do not support toxic positivity! 

Truly, awareness of the considered good and bad must be present and expanded until its dissolution so we can move past this outdated misconception. Until then we WILL come across a lot of bullshit about the reality we're currently in. There are monstruous actions that are coming to light that we must acknowlege and face. It is in this process that we apply our true power of alchemy: you can use this knowledge to shift the current situation for better.

I teach how to do it in this post: How to Use Problems to Create Solutions

Do not be afraid and you won't be giving power for its manifestation into your reality.
And yes, it will be into YOUR reality. You see, there are infinite possible Earths and it is YOU, the frequency you emanate from moment to moment that shifts you from one to another which type of reality you live in (click on video to learn more + I also recommend looking into the work of Nassim Haramein), many times in one second. You can choose!

While doing so, you can inspire others to be their authentic joyful selves, following their passion, whichever it may be. We are pieces of an intricate multidimensional puzzle that mutual supports each other and the evolution of the collective. Each and every single one of us is important and essencial to the whole, source, god, the universe... Whatever you've choosen to represent it for you, it does NOT matter. 

Names are traps that locks us in a limited concept and fall short from conveying the true everchanging and infinite nature of the "Creator" (just another word). For me it is still difficult to grasp the concept but I've come to understand that our human minds have limitations, as a part of the whole but not the whole itself. But I have felt it on a few occasions that changed me for ever. As many others do too! I'd recommend checking into NDE (Near Death Experiences) for example. There is an awesome channel on youtube that I highly recommend if you're curious: The Other Side NDE.

I'm getting off track, but there is so much to tell you and it's difficult to summarize the reality shattering awareness that I keep gathering. I will do my best. Thank you for your interest and attention, I know how precious their are.

So... There is a huge legion of us coming from other universal locations to assist on this shift. The more I've focused on the type of reality I wish like: clean water for Africa, free energy devices to be revealed, for nature recovery and protection, etc; the more evidences flow to me of amazing beings that are already doing it in the frontlines of the New Earth. It is inspiring and very uplifting! 

I know I'm heading that direction and I'd love to open the way for many more that feel the pull, to join us in this beautiful New Earth. 

You have to make a choice, you see. You can continue in the old ways and, from what I'm observing it's going to get difficult. Here is a glimpse of what it's been planned for our future. The Economic World Forum is a gathering of the most powerful puppets in the world

(because their just the hands on and in public sight, not the ones deciding) to discuss the plans for the future, with no influence from the People of the world to say their mind about it.

Make no mistake, these people and their superiors are powerful, far more organized than us, have greater knowledge of the laws of the universe and have a purpose in creating the distress they do. Only by having contrast can we keep evolving. Stagnation is death.

Change is the only constant.

Let's unite and change the paradigm. We'll continue our evolution with another set of ideals like compassion, kindness, abundance for all, honesty, authenticity, passion, fun, peace, joy, diplomacy, respect, acceptance of ourselves and others, symbiosis with nature, harmony, etc. 

"Wouldn't it be wonderful?" Abraham Hicks exercise in imagination. Definely check out her work too! 

 We need only to set our imagination free and reconnect with inner true our power as creators of this reality. It is crucial to take ownership of our envolvement with this broken system. Accountability is key. You have the power. We need not continue to play the victim mentality. I know shitty things happen, but they're there for a reason and it's about what you do with it that determines the outcome. Like parents who lost their child to a driver who was texting and created a movement that shifted laws all around the world.

You decide what meaning you give it and develop the potential it has. More on that later.

Well, if you feel excited about the possibility of this New Earth, join us. That is where you're meant to go.

May my words inspire you to search for the truth.

Much love to you all!
Cristina Rodrigues