Nice to meet you!

How it all started

In short, my quest to understand the nature of reality started upon seeing a ghost with a cousin of mine in childhood. It set me on a query to learn more about the unseen.

Turns out it was far more common than I'd ever imagine! The grown up around us, friends and family all had some tales of direct or indirect experience with it.

perceive - about 0.0035%. Through the documentaries I watched fervently I also quickly realized that many animals can perceive not only different ranges of the spectrum, but also in different ways - like bats or dolphins with sonar (the inspiration for the technology).

It made me wonder: how much is there that we don't perceive??

Science slowly lost my loyalty as I started to see the cracks in their narrative. Their arrogance, obsession with the status quo and loyalties to the highest bidder made me question the results outputed.

For example: they are adamant that if we can't see it, it does not exist. Well, did the microbes not exist before the microscope or we just didn't have the technology to acess that realm yet?

Another is the search of life outside the planet. They keep looking for the conditions a human being would need, ignoring the fact that life always finds a way to adapt to their environment, whatever it may be. Biologists have been discovering beings living in the more remote and inospitable places (in our standards).

Plus, a lot of information has been kept from us about our ancient history that mentions clearly and often about beings coming from the sky to assist in our evolution and the tale of a great flood.

Then there are the interests of the wealthy corpoorations that pay to have the results tilted their way and often kill off those that don't comply or agree, hindering our evolution by decades...

Later on I had a couple curious UFOs sightings which just blew my curiosity up even more! I then came across the Disclosure Project with Dr Steven Greer. Seeing all these serious people testifying before congress about their experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrials made me go deep into research.

Life was never the same again.

I quickly became fascinated with the paranormal although science was my god for a long time. Even though I was curious, I would accept sciences' views on the subject for a long time.

Until one day in physics class the teacher showed us how much of the light sprectrum the human eye can actually

Of course it would be only the start of the journey.

I've learnt a lot in the process through study and life experience itself - from many "super abilities" to summoning UFOs.

Most importantly, I learnt there is a great consciousness shift happening on the planet right now (I recall telling my grandmother that I was here to help with a shift at 9 years old) and we have the opportunity to embark on an outsanding new way of being and living on this planet.

I see evidences of it all around me. Are you in?

It's your choice of course!

I know not all beings on this planet are choosing that right now and that is alright. Hard to digest on a human level, but on a higher one it's all alright. It's important to respect each ones' journey.

But if you're here, you're most likely moving into the NEW EARTH, so welcome! My wish is that my teachings contribute in a positive way to your expansion and awareness, so that the transition can be as smooth as possible!

(Of course there is soooooooooo much more to the story - if you're curious make sure to explore more of my social platforms)

Much love to you all!

I am a Mentor of Conscious creation assisting you to rediscover your divine nature and guide you to use your innate power to create your own reality. I also assist the collective in bringing in the New Earth consciousness.

Training and Experience

Licensed in Pyschology, Life Coach, Photographer and Video Editor, Avid Reader and Researcher, NLP Practitioner, Marketing Director, Website Designer, Reiki and Prana Healing Training, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Training, Private Portuguese Teacher, Driver, Vast Life Experience, Public Speaker and Event Organizer, Author, Animal Charities Volunteer, Hospitality Services (waitress, cleaning maid, bartender, barista, manager, assistant manager), Online Shop Manager and Artist, Gardener, Builder, Carpenter - and I'm always learning!

What I do

young me, toddler
young me, toddler
As a toddler

My dad wasn't in a hurry to reproduce. I came mostly as a wish from my mom. Also, I was a shock to everyone. The only ginger in the whole family. My dad was suspicious! I lived with my parents in my dads' van. He was not a hippie. He is a "tendeiro" - somewhere between a gypsy and normal society. I was mocked for being a mixed-race (half tendeira half "normal". They worked with nature and the seasons, moving around, picking fruit, selling at fairs. We never had much but I'm sure that made me love being in nature and driving ehe. My parents relationship wasn't great and from a young age I witnessed agression on many levels.

As a kid

As I got to the age of getting into primary school, my parents moved to my grandfathers land and built a wooden house to live in. My oldest cousin (also a girl, 9 months older) was the princess of the place. We both had strong leadership personalities and we clashed a lot. I was bulied and silenced for having different opinions. Going from a kind and happy child to a very depressed one. The grown ups didn't support me either and quickly I learnt to be silent and closed off. My parents relationship only deteriorated and fortunately my mom decided to separate when I was 10, with 3 young kids to raise. I admire her courage. My dad became more present and kind afterwards.

In Adolescence

I was very depressed for over a good decade. Suicidal, self-harming... I had learnt to silence my voice and that no one cared about how I felt. It was a lonely place. I cried myself to sleep, sucumbing to exhaustion. I'd punish myself for my own tears by sleeping in the cold floor. Many times reaching a point I felt catatonic. Going through this internally influenced me to do unkind things that I later I had a hard time forgiving myself for. I felt no joy - and I thought I never would. It was a colleague at school that reached out to a teacher and got me psychological help. It was the start of my healing journey. So grateful!

Right now

It has been a ride! I realized a lot of the trauma I went through was nothing more than dying family patterns that I was here to break. I realized we live in a sick society and it's quite natural to become sick and depressed. I mean, have you looked around? I've healed and am healing. I've forgiven and made ammends. I've realized we're powerful beings. I've learnt to love myself. I've learnt to create miracles and my desired reality. I've created healthy boundaries. Now I can say I've experienced pure joy and awe for the workings of the universe and life itself. And so, now I'm here, sharing with you what I've learnt and fulfilling my mission: paving the way to the New amazing Earth!

Other Dimensions of Me

Adventure, Exploration and Urbex:

Travels in my 1990 Ford Fiesta across 13 Countries in Europe

Photography of the Beauty of the Algarve, Portugal:

It started in Lagos, my hometown and Expanded to the Algarve.

Photography Portfolio of Hired Work:

Supporting small businesses and artesanal products through my holistic photography.