How to Use Problems to Create Solutions

How to harness the power of difficulties to shape a better tomorrow for us personally and the collective!


Cristina Rodrigues

1/19/20246 min read

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Problems are a mind construct.

You see, everything is neutral. All experiences are. It is each individual that gives it colour and meaning. 

Imagine you're flying in a plane full of people. The experience if flying from A to B. 
You may be excited because you're going away on a holiday with your partner. Another may be concerned if the plane is going to make it and can only think of how they'd do in such a scenario. Another maybe sad because they're heading to a funeral. Another may be enthusiastic as well as aprehensive as they're moving country and start a new life. The pilot is focused on his important work to get everyone safe, maybe hoping to finish soon to go back to the family. The stewerdesses may be stressed because there are difficult clients aboard. Etc.

One situation, experienced by many different lenses.

It is ALL about perspective.

Our perceived reality is the result of our personal experience growing up with all the conditioning that goes hand in hand: family, school, friends, society, culture, technology, personal experiences, etc. From that we create meaning of the experiences that come to us and also our beliefs about what we are, our place in the world, how to face situations, etc.

In life we'll always find difficulties. Challenges. Problems. 

I find it very useful to use NLP and reframe them as opportunities or contrast (Abraham Hicks). You see, when you shift the concept you use to approach it, it changes its meaning and possibilities. A problem gives you the notion of a big wall that prevents you from being joyful. It seems insurmountable. Difficult and something you do not wish to face.

As for opportunities, they convey the message that it's just another bump that you can use as a propeller to improve.

Contrast is the notion that brings forth the concept of yin and yan, the good in the bad and the bad in the good. That every experience has both potentials.

And indeed, in our lives we will ALWAYS have these opportunities. It doesn't matter if you're on the spiritual path and do all the "right" things, you'll always have it. 

So, if it is neutral, an opportunity and it all depends on perspective, what can one do when faced with such a situation?

First of all understand that rejection (a type of "problem") is only redirection. Indeed, as you move along your life, you'll keep adding your preferences (wether consciously or not) to the vision of the life you wish to live. As such the universe is always conspiring to bring you closer to it. When a door shuts, it means that there is better awaiting you. It's important to let go with as much grace as you can muster and move on. If not, you'll find yourself being dragged there through rock bottom experiences - which I am adamant can be prevented. Part of the Path of Joy principles.

Next, understand that it all depends on how you interpret such a situation. Check out the videos below to hear it from some of the spiritual teachers in the vanguard of the shift in consciousness.

Jay Shetty


Abraham Hicks

The Course in Miracles
Lesson 17

Naval Ravikant

So, when you're faced with a situation you have a CHOICE to make: its interpretation.

Depending on how you decide to interpret, you will condition the outcome. As you focus in a "positive" matter (desired or enjoyable), for example ask powerful and constructive questions like: "there must be something good here", "this is benefiting me some way, how?", "how can I use this to evolve?", etc, you will direct your powerful creative energy towards that energy pole and, as such, navigate towards an enjoyable outcome. And hold on, it might be a ride, but I can assure you, you'll be happy you did!

If, on the other hand, your interpretation is "negative" (undesirable or painful), for example thinking: "ahh, cannot believe this is happening to me", "I cannot handle this, it's too much", "Urhh I hate my life, what else can happen?", "It's all their fault", etc, you will be giving your powerful creative energy towards that energy pole and, as such, navigate towards an undersirable outcome. It will keep dragging you down until you're ready to say "enough" and shift.

They are both perfectly acceptable paths as they will always lead you towards your desired outcome, one is through suffering and usually longer, the other is through faith and optimitism and usually quicker and absolutely mind blowing with syncronies and miracles your mind cannot comphreend. 

As you direct your thoughts, you'll muster the power of your heart through the emotion you're emanating to the infinite potential of the quantuum field around you, crystalizing your reality.

I've had many such experiences. Once I record videos about it, I'll post them here, but in short a couple of examples: I managed to shift the rules in the bank and didn't have to pay any fine (minimum was 60+€ and another was I got my car fixed for free when the mechanic had given me a budget for 500+€). 

Reality is bendable. Including time and the laws of men. 

As you raise in awareness you'll come to understand miracles are the natural order of reality and you will not want to go back! Click here to watch Bashar talk about it.

Another important point to mention is FEAR.

Fear, worry and distress is only a warning sign you're focusing your creative energy on something or some outcome you DO NOT wish to experience. Every emotion brings a message, more on that here.

Consider your life as a book in which you are the director and main character. You have the power to create your story however you like (even your past, oh yeah baby). As such, you get the opportunity with each situation, to improve and perfect your ideal experience on this beautiful being we call Earth.

So, here is a practical step by step to use Problems to Create Solutions:
1 - Acknowledge the situation with as much clarity as you can. State to yourself as neutral as possible
"People are difficult to deal with"

2 - Ask yourself powerful and constructive questions with self-love in a constructive way:
"What is there for me to learn here?", "What belief is attracting this to my life?", "What can I learn or develop to increase my people skills?", "Are these people the type I wish to have in my life?", "What type of people would I love to have in my life?", "Should I be more selective?", "Maybe I need to assert healthier boundaries.", "What is the best solution for the highest good of all involved?", etc.

3 - Meditation is always a great practice to apply in any challenge. As you clear your mind and connect with intuition you'll access or unlock the best solutions to everything for the highest good of all.

4 - Declare with clarity what it is you prefer to experience - forget money or time limitations, the universe is limitless. Writing it down is a powerful practice that allows the etheric to take a step into the physical manifestation.
"I am surrounded by kind, loyal, honest, generous, thoughtful, considerate, open minded, respectful, fair, etc kind of people that inspire, uplift me and support me." 

5 - Take action on the answers received. I know it's challenging, specially when that gets you into conflit with others. But conflit is a natural part of being unique individuals in this diverse planet. Learn how to deal and resolve conflit in a constructive manner here. Plus, intuition will challenge you to go outside your comfort zone. Trust it.
For example, you may look to meet new like minded people in groups that share your interests. Start following mentors online. Start to create space in a compassionate way towards the people in your life that don't fit the description. Start to practice in yourself the desired qualities you seek in others (you will attract what is within you). You can work on releasing certain limiting beliefs that are trapping you into that experience, etc.

6 - Take baby steps as you go and keep reframing everytime you encounter something you do not like or wish to experience and observe how your life will just keep on getting better and better!

If you feel like you need some one on one assistance in this process you can come talk to me here

Above all, know that you have EVERYTHING within yourself to create the life you desire. Asking for help is an act of courage, use it as you may need it. Ask the universe for the right people and guidance and it will come. The universe is VERY creative!

Much love to you all.
Thank you for reading. 
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Cristina Rodrigues