My Awakening Story - Summoning UFOs my Direct Experiences

Sharing my person story of Awakening and hoping to connect with Others and Their Storyes


Cristina Rodrigues

2/27/20243 min read

a frisbee flying through the air with a blue sky in the background
a frisbee flying through the air with a blue sky in the background

Hello! Welcome.

It's been quite a journey! Continuing!

It all started one night.

I was determined to experiment with what I had learnt so I went outside to the balcony and started to apply it.

It took me several hours to get it right and when it finally appeared it was a small ball of light traversing through the ursa major stars. I watched it in amazement. It was there!

My sister had given up and gone inside, so I called out to her to come see. She wasn't hearing me, so I went inside and when we came outside, we didn't see it anymore. I was dissapointed. But she was inspired by it and continued. That night we were able to see several more! After that we went on a rampage of summoning UFOs and since then we've seen MANY.

Most summoned, others just naturally. I will share some of the most remarkable:

One of the first ones was when a hug orange disk appeared over the city we lived at in the South of Portugal. It was just hovering silently above the town so we started to give it indications to move to the left. Slowly but steadily it did.

We were ecstatic! Then we asked to move to the right and it did!!

We decided to move to another area to see it better, it was hidden behind some buildings as we moved and when we got a clear view again it was gone!

Another was when I was out at the same balcony and was calling, a red ball of light showed up over the city and moved to the right in a straight line. It continued that motion until it started to fade just before it was out of my line of view, like it appeared just for my sake and then it was gone.

One of the most astonishing was one time I had seen so many I knew for a fact there is intelligent life out there and visiting our planet - but my sister wanted to show our cousin (the same that was in the car with us that time) and they went out to a skate park in the small village we were at.

I stayed behind. They managed to get a sighting and called me insistently for me to come also. After resisting for a while, I went. When I got there I couldnt see it. I have difficulty seeing in the distance and I did not wear my contacts that day. They kept pointing at the location but as much as I tried, I couldnt see it. Then the light became MUCH brighter and I heard within my mind: can you see us now?

Then it moved a bit more to the left and faded out.

Another, that was a natural sighting, I was out walking my dogs and saw a light moving in the daylight. Soon after I noticed two military jet airplanes following it.

Another was when I was in England, known for its higher activity. I told my boyfriend at the time about being able to summon them and he insisted on trying it out. We were living in the countryside and it was very dark around. We went outside and summoned them.

We were looking at one part of the sky when we noticed a sudden light was making new shadows from the tree behind us and it looked like it was descending as the projected shadows moved with it.

We looked to the source of the light and we saw something had landed or was very close to the ground. It seemed rather small, but it was hovering over the land and we could see a rotating orange light. We were super scared at that point. We'd both never had the chance to be so up close.

We went inside to get a flashlight but the power was very weak. We walked a little closer and were too frightened to get closer. We decided to go back inside.

There were many more, but these certainly stayed with me the most.

Just know that if you're open to it, you'll be able to see them!!

We are not alone. I now know there is a big presence of many origins, including the galactic federaction watching over us. It's fascinating! I hope I opened your mind just a little bit more and you'll look more into it!

Please share yours if you have had any of this sort of experiences!

Much love!