Principle 1: Self-Love

No, looking after yourself is not Selfish!


Cristina Rodrigues

12/17/20232 min read

silhouette of woman dancing in the middle of grass field
silhouette of woman dancing in the middle of grass field

Hello! Welcome.

Let's talk about self love!

“When you love yourself, life loves you back” Cristina Rodrigues

Our society elevates the sacrifice of personal well-being and humility (stay small), rejects the promotion of our qualities (don’t be conceited!), destroys our brightness/enthusiasm (that’s impossible, you can’t do it, etc) and distorts self-love as being selfish.

All these attitudes annihilate our feeling of worthiness. In fact, we are taught from an early age that success is achieved with personal sacrifice, effort and suffering. Thus, we feel that only if we are under these conditions do we deserve love, recognition, results and success!

This is an extremely limiting belief that keeps us trapped in lives that we dislike and make us sick. Often looking for satisfaction in the recipe for success promoted for everyone, totally forgetting that we are unique individuals with different definitions of success, all valid.

Life reflects to us what we have within us. Our beliefs are the base program that, if left unconscious, will repeat patterns and keep us limited to certain types of experience. These beliefs themselves condition our interpretation and create an emotional vibration that affects the potential energy field around us and brings us more situations that vibrate in the same way.

Thus, when we take care of ourselves, we accept ourselves fully, we love ourselves truly and we know clearly what we want, life reflects us that back at all levels. It is the basic and crucial step for a happy life. And no, it’s not selfish.

When we are down, poor, tired, frustrated, unhappy, we criticize ourselves, etc who are we going to be able to help? How are we going to contribute to a better community and world when we can’t even give that to ourselves? First we need to fill our cup so that it can overflow to everyone around us. When we follow our self-realization, we shine brighter, we become an inspiration to others of what is possible, we live with enthusiasm and inner peace, we live in abundance, security and prosper towards our success. When we love ourselves, life brings us everything we need and desire. All the opportunities, contacts, resources, ideas, insights and inspired action so that we can flow through life with lightness and ease!

So how to start practicing self-love?

• Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself and put it in a place you see every day

• Make a list of things you love to do and do one at least once a week

• Praise yourself (instead of criticizing)

• When you feel you need to rest, make time for it

• Spend time alone, learn to enjoy your own company

• Spend more time with people who inspire and uplift you

• Set healthy boundaries: say “no” and “enough”

• Respect your natural rhythms: rest and stop when you need to

• Look at others as inspiration (stop comparing: you are unique!)

• Express your needs with compassion, honesty and respect for yourself and the other

• Learn to trust your inner wisdom: follow your intuition and inspired action

• Eat things that make you feel light and energetic: listen to the wisdom of your body

I hope this helps you get started! For more info, get in touch!

Much love to you all!
Cristina Rodrigues