My Awakening Story - UFO Sightings

Sharing my person story of Awakening and hoping to connect with Others and Their Storyes


Cristina Rodrigues

2/25/20242 min read

Hello! Welcome.

It's been quite a journey! Continuing!

I had a couple of sightings that ended up leading me to Disclosure Project and learning how to summon UFOs.

The first one ocurred when I was watching a meteor shower with my partner at the time. We were sitting at the beach and noticed a strange motion in the sky. It was a ball of white light that was moving erratically. It followed somewhat of a trajectory South to North, but it seemed like the driving system was not working, it kept going up and down, not in a straight line like you'd expect of a place. Moving too fast to be a helicopter. There weren't drones back then.

We followed the light for a good 5 minutes until it started moving away from our view.

The second one ocurred in the new year. I was in the car with my mom driving and my little sister and cousin in the back. We were going to a nearby village to continue the celebrations. As we're passing the village we were currently at, I looked up and saw a huge disk flying above the buildings. It was stationary with some orange lights on the side.

"A UFO!" I thought, for a long time I found it odd I did not have a stronger reaction.

I watched it for a bit and then another thought "If I don't tell anyone now, no one will believe it after"

So I told them. My mother refused to look as she is very religious, but both my sister and cousin looked up and saw it.

Still regret it to this day that I didn't ask to stop the car and see it up closer!

This opened my mind to the reality that we're not alone.

To be honest, I've always been fascinated about astronomy and I considered it hypocritical of us to think we're the only life that exists. Actually it's clearer and clearer that life will always find a way to exist. Within our planet, in places we believed life could not exist, they've been finding all sorts of living creatures.

We cannot judge the ocurrence of life by the conditions we require. Depending on the conditions life evolves to be adapted to it.

But more amazingly, there are advanced and intelligent beings out there with tech far superior to what we have now.

Then I discovered it was possible to summon them and so, of course, I had to try it! (Next post)