My Awakening Story - Summoning UFOs the inspiration

Sharing my person story of Awakening and hoping to connect with Others and Their Storyes


Cristina Rodrigues

2/26/20241 min read

Hello! Welcome.

It's been quite a journey! Continuing!

This ability came about because I saw two people that could do it and also discovered a method in a book. As a curious/scientific approach I just decided to try it out, I mean, if they did it, I could too!

So the first one I saw was on this great platform: Project Camelot. They interviewed a person that told that when they were kids they used to watch UFOs with frenquency and then ask internally for them to move left or right - and they would.

The second one was of a man that called himself a Prophet for Yahweh. He said he could summon UFOs at will and a news channel (ABC News) took him on this. They were sure it wasn't true and thought they'd debunk him - but it did not work accordingly to that plan at all!

He told the News cast they could choose the day, time and location. They did. They were reporting live. When the UFOs appeared you saw how shocked the news reporter was and how he backtracked saying they had a change in the report.

Then I came across the books of the Law of One, channeled by the social complex called RA, a presence that was here during egypt and wanted to make ammends for the way their teachings had negatively impacted the development of Earth.

In book one I came across the concept of the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, an intergalactic group based on Earth that would answer the call of humans that wanted to know and required support.

They had a specific calling that required conscious desire and alignment with the heart.

So I set out to apply it! And the sightings were mindblowing! (Next Post)