My Awakening Story - Seeing a Ghost with my Cousin

Sharing my person story of Awakening and hoping to connect with Others and Their Storyes


Cristina Rodrigues

2/24/202414 min read

man and woman holding hands
man and woman holding hands

Hello! Welcome.

It's been quite a journey! This is how it started for me. 

For me it all started at around 7 years old when I saw a ghost with my cousin (9 months older).

We were up late watching tv as our mothers worked a night shift in a nearby citys pizzeria. We lived within the same fenced piece of land belonging to my grandfather in a small village. Hers was down a narrow road that led into a big dark storage/garage area with 3 meters width and 2 hight, then up stairs to the right.

We said good night and she went off. Soon after she is banging alarmingly at my door. I open it, confused. We live in a safe location and land. I thought maybe she was mocking me.

What happened? I ask

I saw a ghost! She replied

I don't believe her and think she is pranking me. Then she insists: then you go and see for yourself.

Smirking, I head off. I have to walk a bit to the right of the house before starting down the road. I keep looking at her in desbelief I'd see something.

As I look down I see a transparent figure hoovering above the ground. I get spooked at start to run back to the house. As I look behind me I see it is moving in my direction fast.

My heart is pounding by the time I reach the door. We close and lock it, close the curtains and hide under the blankets. Like that's going to keep a ghost away! XD

I believe the shape in which it appeared has to do with our conceptions of what a ghost is, but I couldnt deny the fact that no one could have faked that nor was there any reason for it. Plus we had both seen it.

As we were curious by nature, we asked the adults in our lives if they knew of anything like that or had experiences themselves.

Several of them had stories to share, including an aunt living at the same house which had seen her grandfather when she was a kid. Others told of indirect or direct experiences. One of them stuck more: that they'd stayed at an old hotel and could hear furniture being moved and steps above. They went to complain to the hotel but they assured him there wasn't anyone staying above. Then they took him to see the room and it was empty and nothing was out of place.

When he returned to his bedroom, the noises were still there.

This opened my mind - it made me realize there is much more out there that we currently do not compreheend and led me on the quest to understand the nature of reality.