Emotions are our Guiding System

How to understand emotions and their message for a better life experience


Cristina Rodrigues

1/20/202413 min read

Hello! Welcome.

Emotions are our guiding system!

Did you ever play the game of hidding an object and then guiding the other kid to find it by saying "cold, hot, colder or hotter"? It was a kids game I used to play.

I've come to understand our emotions as somewhat like that. And when one can understand them, we can more easily navigate them and use them in our favour.

Abraham Hicks explains that emotion is the direct translation of our higherself perspective upon the thoughts and actions of our avatar/ego/character we play in physical life.

Our higherself is ALWAYS keeping the focus on our highest timeline, which has been construed upon our inspired desires and also the consequence of living contrast and wishing for different or better.

As such, as we live, consciously or unconsciously, we keep adding to our desired timeline and our higherself is the essence of this concept. It helps guide us towards it in the easiest and most beneficial way possible. 

One example may be: if you look in the mirror and think "I'm so ugly, look at those wrinkles..." - you will feel lower emotion (negative is a societal construct) which is the disconnection from your current point in time with your highest timeline potential. It translates to you that your higherself STRONGLY disagrees with you. Instead, it knows you are unconditionally loved and accepted as you are.

The level of suffering we experience is directly related to how much we take steps towards our desired reality and higher perspective. When we stop because of fear, insecurity, anxiety, etc you keep getting further and further from your ideal (as you're forever expanding it). 

One example: if you know that starting to eat better would do you good and somewhere within you want it but do not take steps, the resistance caused by this will cause suffering. If you do come to this realization and start taking small steps, you'll see your self-confidence and well-being increase.

Another important point to make is that the society we currently live in (I refer to the western society as this is the one I grew up in) is designed to create certain emotions in us: fear, worry, shame, envy, jelousy, greed, anger, selfishness, guilt, depression, anxiety etc. These emotions keep us in a lower state and give power to undesired realities and feed those higher up in power. They keep us locked into helplessness and dependence so that we will not discover our true potential and creative power. These emotions keep our chakras blocked and prevent us from becoming our true magnificent selves.

As such, the majority of people are stuck in the pattern of experiencing only these most of their lives, not realizing life can give us so much more!! 

The Message of Emotions:

Each emotion has deeper meaning and message, so let's dive into some that are common in our culture.


First of all, there are different types of fear.

The first one is the instintual fear that happens when we're put into a physical dangerous situation like standing in front of a cliff or if a big wild animal was running after us. It's natural for the system to respond that way, creating a stress response of flight or fight, hightening the adrenaline in our bodies to cope with the challenge at hand. 

The second type is created within the mind with the thoughts and scenarios we imagine. For example, while someone like me, that loves driving, thinks only of the joy of driving, someone else in the same position might be imagine that an accident is immenient and, as such, provoque such an emotion like fear.

In this case, fear is acting like a warning bell. It is telling you you're currently focusing your powerful creative energy on the outcome you do not desire to experience. If you're aware of this, you can then shift your thoughts to: "I'm safe and protected" and imagine yourself arriving home safely. The fear will dissipate.

If you choose to continue on, it will only get more intense and, as it increases, the chances of you crystalizing or manifesting that outcome grow bigger.

This applies to all our lives, individual and collective. Choose to focus your attention on your desired outcomes, not the ones you DO NOT WANT. As you have this awareness and practice, you'll start seeing evidence appearing.

One important point to make is that when you leave your comfort zone in the objetive of evolution you'll also experience fear. We have been taught to fear the unknown but I can assure you, the unknown is infinite potential and as you take the steps to build a better more aligned life, the universe will keep supplying the ground to take another and another.

Also, you can choose to focus in a positive way. Instead of thinking "Will I do well? Will people like me? Will this fall through?", Etc, you can think "This is a wonderful change, everything will work out, everything I need flows to me with ease, etc". By shifting your focus point you'll assist in dissipating fear.

grayscale photo of woman covering her face
grayscale photo of woman covering her face


Worry is the biggest waste of energy.

Worry is the result of you focusing your creative energy on outcomes that you do not wish to live; living in an imagined future you do not want to experience.

If you experience worry, do practices to bring you to the present time like meditation, a walk in nature, conscious breathing, yoga, dance, etc. Also, use this mantra to keep thoughts from spiralling down: "Everything is always working out in the most beautiful of ways for the highest good of all".

Indeed they are and if we choose to feed this new belief you'll start seeing the results much faster than having to go through the suffering in the first place.

Notice the different between care and worry. When you worry you send out the energy for the undesired outcome to manifest. If you truly care and a worry or fear come up, you will alchemize it by shifting the focus to the desired outcome:

"I am worried something bad may happen to my daughter" into "I desire the best in well being, peace, success and joy for my daughter"

Notice the difference in energy and how it feels within you?

man in black jacket sitting on chair
man in black jacket sitting on chair


Shame is a societal construct made up from the pressures and expectations to be a certain way. The pressure to conform the norms and follow a certain path. Often coming from the projection of parents experience and fears.

However, we're all unique and what our society conceives of being success isn't what each of us defines as success.

For example: society makes us think that we must work hard, sacrifice, study long years (sometimes getting in debt), get a partner, a house, a car, children... For some it may be good, for others they might much rather to be travelling the world with a backpack. Others may prefer to live in a van and move around seeing beautiful places. Another may want to focus solely on their purpose and doesn't want a relationship or children.

The combinations are endless. 

Also, what society conceives as etiquette or proper manners of being are just passing trends. For example, we appreciate a beautiful smile and full teeth, but there is a culture that considers sharp teeth the epitome of beauty and they chop their teeth down to get it. Another may be that burping is considered unsightly in our culture but in another it is considered a compliment to the host meaning they're satisfied with the meal.

Respect others and their ways, but respect yourself first. Follow what feels best to you.

woman in black long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden chair
woman in black long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden chair


Envy happens when we observe someone being, doing or having something we desire for ourselves - wether we acknowledge it consciously or not - but we have beliefs in us that it isn't possible for us. 

Envy has the potential to bring forth more clarity on what we want and what is preventing from having it: what belief must be changed?

Also, it can easily be changed into inspiration or modelling (coaching). As we observe someone who already is, does or has something we want we can decide to learn from their example and ask powerful questions like: what is their story? How did they do it? How can I apply this to my own life?

Also a wise reassurance I can give you is that if you're seeing more of this evidence it means it's becoming closer and closer to happening in your own reality.

Choose to be happy for them. The more excited and happy you can be for another the quicker it will come to you also!


Jealousy is the result of feeling less than another and insecure about our own being and abilities. Self-love is the cure.

When you learn to love and appreciate yourself you will know that you're worth the best and not settle for less. You'll take an assertive stand, make clear healthy boundaries, leave situations or relationships that don't support that.

With this comes freedom and the ability to speak up about your needs and limits, to let go of situations that no longer contribute to your well being as well as accessing a more joyful life.

In terms of romantic relationships you must understand that truly loving someone is giving the freedom to be happy wether that is with you, alone or with another. And loving yourself is taking your well being into consideration and let in only the one that adds up to your joyful existence. 

People will give you the respect you provide yourself with.


This comes from the feeling of lack and isolation. Indeed our society promotes the idea that isn't enough to go around and that we're not safe and cared for by the universe.

As such this provokes within us an insatiable grasping for more. To be clear, there isn't anything bad with wanting more and better when done in a balanced way. The natural order of the universe is expansion and this comes through desires of the heart.

Just make sure to be aware what is coming from external pressures and what comes from within yourself.

Greed takes us out of our morality and ideals in order to achieve it at any cost possible. This is self and collectively destructive. Follow only what feels right, with honesty, kindness, consideration and generosity. What you put out always comes back to you. 

person holding 20 us dollar bill
person holding 20 us dollar bill


Anger is the product of our boundaries and needs being violated, consciously or not, by others. It is a powerful energy that propels us into action.

However, it has been portrayed in our society as something "bad" or "shameful". We're taught to keep it under control, to keep it down - to bite our tongue. That is a harmful view of anger and, when we do, it will fester within, grow and often times turn into violence against others - usually not the causer of anger.

For example: a worker may feel that his co-workers and boss are being direspectful and unappreciative of his contributions and feels anger. For fear of losing their job, they'll bit down their tongue and be silent; however filled with thoughts of revenge and the things they'd say to such and such. As the person comes home, this anger may come out in agressive behaviour towards the family in which he feels he has power and influence over. This then will create a miserable life and disconnection from the ones who loves us more.

Most of the anger we feel truly comes from a system that doesn't respect us as individuals and oppresses us at every turn in life. However, we feel small and powerless to change it, so we shift the focus of our anger inwards (depression and self-harm) or towards others (like hooligans, crime, vandalism, starting a random fight, etc). 

Instead you can come to realise your inner power to create your desired reality and use the moments in which you feel anger to improve your circumstances. Anger will provide valued information about what is acceptable for you to feel well being. From that, you can take the action that is necessary to improve it - knowing that when you do, better circunstances will always come along!


This is another concept promoted by our current society that makes us think we need to fend for ourselves, that the world is against us, that we cannot trust others, that we must make it on our own, that no one wants to help us unless there is an ulterior motive, etc. It is a concept that creates division and conflict.

There is an unhealthy obsession with being independent. Well, we're never independent. Even if you're a millionaire, you'll need people to produce your food, build your house, create your car, etc. In truth we are social beings and we need community. Even if and when you don't have much, if you have good relationships and community connections you will be safe and cared for. Plus a lot of the magic of the universe comes through people that are or come into our lives.

We are unique pieces of a collective puzzle and each one of us brings gifts to share with humanity as a whole. True greatness and fulfilment comes from being of service to the whole. Finding something you love and excites you and then finding a way to bring it into the collective as something that will improve lives.

For sure self-care is important and also choosing those that we give our time to (and how much of it), but when you do, do it from the heart with loving intention and kindness. It will provide the best kind of joy and fulfilment when you do!  

aerial view photography of group of people walking on gray and white pedestrian lane
aerial view photography of group of people walking on gray and white pedestrian lane


Guilt tells us that we've violated one of our principles and ideals. Now, we've been taught from a young age to be very hard on ourselves and this may simply require to shift the standards we have set for ourselves.

For example, if you aim to have the perfect body (it's a cultural and historical ever changing concept) and haven't achieved it you may berrate yourself about it, creating guilt of not doing better. However, you can choose to make it about being healthy and taking small steps towards it like starting to go for a walk each week, choose to eat more vegetables, less sugar, etc. As you achieve those little objetives you'll start to feel better already.

On the other hand, we've also been taught to doubt our intuition and go against it to fulfill others expectations and pressures. For example following orders to lie when you feel it clearly that honesty is important to you.

In this case we must reflect on what feels right for us and be brave to act on it. Again, as you become more authentic and follow what feels best, better circumstances will come your way. So trust it.

woman standing near body of water
woman standing near body of water


I was deeply depressed for a long time with self-harm and suicidal ideas. 

This is a sympton of something bigger - not an illness as it is potrayed by our society and psychology community (just so you're clear, I am Licensed in Psychology and speak from a place of knowing). 

Depression comes from repressed anger and the feeling of powerlessness to change the circumstances for ourselves and the world. I mean, have you looked around you lately? The corruption, injustice, suffering, wars, desease, etc. How can you not be depressed?

It is in regaining contact with your true inner power that you see that YOU CAN indeed change your life and also the collective reality. Also, use anger in a constructive manner to create change.

a person drowns underwater
a person drowns underwater


This is the product of living in constant fear of what may come. A continual projection into a future situation that we're not sure how it will go. Also, of living under great pressure (inner or outer) about being or doing a certain way. Plus of continually going against your intuition and what feels best to you. 

The same tools that were applied for worry can be effective here. Focus in the present, meditation and conscious breathing.

If you're facing an unkown situation you can also choose to prepare. For example if you're going to make a public presentation and your nervous you can research on how to do a good presentation and practice it alone, in front of the mirror or perhaps in front of some familiar supportive people in your live.

Realize also that anxiety and excitment have the exact same physical sensations but a different perspective. So, if you're feeling anxiety you may change it into excitment if only you change the way you look at it.

For example, you have a family gathering and your family is usually not supportive, mainly critical and exhausting to be around. If you can look at it with compassion, knowing they're just repeating family patterns you can take the role of an observer to learn what has been passed into your own life and what you'd like to do better. You can also take it with a bit of humor which helps lighten up the energy and trasmute it. Perhaps even acting as an example of what can be done differently.

Always choose to do to others what you would like being done unto you. It will always come back.

woman in gray turtleneck long sleeve shirt
woman in gray turtleneck long sleeve shirt


There is still much to say on emotions, particularly on the side of higher vibration emotions but the post is already quite big! If you've read this far I want you to know I appreciate you and I'm grateful you're taking the time to improve your well-being and those that are around you.

In short, when something feels good, that is your cue that you're heading in the right direction. Particularly if it brings you joy, peace and relief. Yes because sometimes certain decisions may not bring joy - they are difficult by nature but they'll bring you relief and soon after: peace.

Be assured you can be, have and do the best for you and live a joyful life!

Much love to you all!
Cristina Rodrigues

woman jumping on green mountains
woman jumping on green mountains